First Inductee into the Front Porch Hall of Fame

It is my opinion, as a home designer, that every home should have a large, covered front porch.

A front porch is many things. It is a place to welcome guests to your home. It is a place to get in out of the weather. A front porch is a transitionary place between the outside world and the inner world of your home. It is a place to cool off out of the summer sun and to warm up in the sun rays of winter.

Most of all, a covered front porch is a place to connect with people, with your neighbors as they walk by on the street or as they go to get their mail. A front porch is a place to sit and converse about the the meaning and purpose of life or to talk about the football game. It’s a place to sit with guests and talk about the latest book they’ve read or about how to better love our families. A front porch is a place to talk theology and politics because they need to be talked about. It’s a place to play a game of checkers or chess. A front porch is many things…

The Front Porch Hall of Fame is an honor given to people who make for good company in any front porch conversation.

My first inductee to The Front Porch Hall of Fame is T.K. Murphy known to most as “Murphy” or simply “Murph”. He was a man of God who served God with his life. He loved God’s Church and served God’s Church. He was a reader; he had the largest personal library of which I know. He was a student of the Scriptures. He was a memorizer of the Scriptures, whole books were recorded in his memory. He was a preacher/teacher. He was a student of history. He was a family man – loving his wife and three boys. Murphy was from the South. He lived many years in Alaska, several in Eugene, and most recently in the ranching country of Eastern Oregon. Murphy only wore jeans and boots. He was a leatherworker, who owned a leather business. All of these attributes (and so much more), combined with his personality, made Murphy fine Front Porch material. Murphy passed from this life to the next this morning (8/13/11). He is missed.

Murphy’s Memorial Service.

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